About Us

 The collaborative creation of two Vancouver based designers; a passionate jewelry maker Lisa ‘Katz’ Kaczmarek and an adventurous, aesthetics obsessed DJ, Korina Dahl.  Katz x Dahl is a paradoxical amalgamation: avante garde edge yet dark and dreamy, their vision is to redefine what adornment means to themselves, and the people who wear their creations.

 What started as an experimental side project quickly evolved into a fully independent fine jewelry company. Unlike many partnerships, they did not start out as friends.  A twist of fate threw them together when Lisa commissioned a custom designed unicorn skull for Miss Dahl. Upon meeting realized they had an undeniable creative chemistry, and immediately decided to collaborate. In mere months, they had put together a complete, if somewhat eclectic assortment of designs dubbed simply “The Kollection”.  From there they went on to create smaller, more focused collections, including the Unisex 'Arcana' and touching on themes from technological to esoteric.  

 Katz x Dahls ambition was to combine Katz romantically bohemian designs with Korina’s predilection for all things dark and minimalist. Their jewelry illustrates meticulous craftmanship, being made from precious metals, handset diamonds and gemstones at their studio in B.C. 

  Embracing the concept of minimalism as investing in quality and owning less, their ethos is to create timeless original pieces that speak to the wearer and are kept and treasured, or passed on eternally.